I’m Digital marketing consultant and trainer, What am i able to Do For You

Whether you’ve an in-house advertising and marketing team or are just starting to search for digital advertising services to your local small business shop, IT, or Technology company

I allow you to accelerate growth with results-oriented digital advertising and marketing campaigns.

As a Digital marketer and advertising representative I will be able to paintings with you as an extension or addition to your team to make and optimize your advertising and income funnels, force more income qualified leads, and growth your revenue. I can help you:

My Passion

Based on the characteristics of today ’s Internet era, Amit Tiwari, a well-known Indian Digital marketing expert, designed a new systematic design, starting from in-depth industry research, based on the economic situation and business ecological characteristics in the context of the Internet + era, from the perspective of the industry, users, and professional depth , Using the new model, new thinking and new technology of the Internet to promote comprehensive and systematic transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

[Project Background]

The Internet has changed people ’s consumption behavior in the past 20 years, bringing everyone into the “Consumer Internet Era”. Traditional companies that have full control over physical resources are trying to deeply integrate with the Internet in order to use the Internet ’s “ “Revolutionary forces” create a new value economy, and promote the Internet industry into the “industrial Internet era.”

The era of the Industrial Internet is an era of model upgrade with both opportunities and challenges.
Internet companies and traditional companies must face the rapid changes of this era-no matter how great the advantages, they can’t do the trend. How to find the multi-faceted value of all walks of life in the era of the Industrial Internet, and seek better corporate survival and development? Then calmly meet the challenges and maximize the sharing of dividends in the era of industrial Internet?

The Internet marketing presidential class adopts the teaching method of theoretical sorting + practical case analysis + practical landing plan + course tutoring system, which gathers the resources of experts, professors, and entrepreneurs of the president’s business school and the Internet industry to jointly cultivate the pioneering pioneers in the Internet era for traditional enterprises.

The upgrade of the Internet model provides a solution to the ground, and promotes the innovation and transformation of enterprise industrial interconnection.

[Project Mission]
We want to help entrepreneurs penetrate the nature of the Internet era, create an experiential learning system, and discover the multifaceted value attributes of the traditional enterprise mobile Internet era! What we want to provide to entrepreneurs is actual combat, not drills! The platform provides technical teams, expert resources, etc. to turn ideas into reality; the platform + students + mentors + investors work together to use the collective wisdom to incubate Internet “time-class enterprises”!
[Curriculum setting]
By expanding thinking, teaching methods, and providing tools, focus on solving real problems in enterprise development; each course module will use interactive learning, in-depth discussions, private board meetings, and other means to guide the development of corporate development issues. solution

My Goals