Amit Tiwari
Digital Marketing Social media SEO SEM Corporate Trainer in India
I give assistance to organizations to grow their income with my Digital Marketing Strategies

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digital marketing trainer in bhopal

Digital marketing Social media SEO SEM Corporate Trainer in India

Amit Tiwari

Advanced Digital Marketing corporate Trainer in india and built up accomplishment in creating imaginative, profoundly assessable computerized showcasing programs and guaranteeing pristine execution.

I have trained a lot of people online and offline, so different people such as students, business owners, job seekers and more than a thousand people related to them have been trained online or offline so far. For the last 3 years in every field of digital marketing , many projects have helped the business owners and trained many friends and got them jobs.

My expertise includes

1. Social media marketing corporate trainer

2. Search engine optimization (SEO) corporate  trainer

3. Search engine marketing corporate  trainer

4. Affiliate marketing corporate trainer

5. Mobile marketing corporate trainer 

 6. amazon trained e-commerce specialist corporate trainer

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First, understand your users and communicators

1. Who carries the brand’s communication backbone?

2. How to find users and understand Ta?

Choose the most suitable social marketing detonation platform

1. How to choose a dazzling social marketing platform?

2. Talk about those things that are not known live

3, platform fire you do not fire, what should I do? ——Business Fun Strategy

3. Master practical strategies to promote fission propagation

1. Internet Branding Model: Inverted Pyramid

2. Five steps to start community marketing from 0 to 1

3.POO media model three tricks teach you to quickly build a brand through social media

4. Create a corporate influencer: founder IP

Fourth, use actual combat models and tools to effectively activate marketing assets

Digital marketing Social media SEO SEM Corporate Trainer in India

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I provide digital marketing training with job guarantee in india 


Social media marketing


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search engine optimization

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For me digital marketing is life skill training and i provide with job guarantee where you can learn and earn after completed training from me. Online marketing trend increasing in india day by day since the growth of indian online marketing is changing rapidly and demand the internet marketer is huge so this is the turn the right way up again to get the oppurnity for the indian youth. i’m very enthusiastic Digital marketing corporate trainer in India

How I Do It

• Website marketing and design

• Created Education product packages

• Drive targeted traffic over Email, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, PPC ads and Quality blog content

• Created and optimized sales funnels to increase conversions

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digital marketing trainer in bhopal

Digital marketing corporate trainer and consultant in india

In order to improve the digital marketing ability of the sales team and strengthen the digital marketing operation management of the sales service providers, on April 2nd, the Digital Marketing Department invited e-commerce channels, car owners, car home, and easy car The teacher gave a full-day lecture in the company’s multimedia lecture hall, and carried out the “digital marketing business policy guidelines and cost analysis model.” This is the first special training on digital marketing business skills this year, Where people learn social media marketing skills with our awarded social media marketing corporate  trainer in india. He explained all the trick and technique for Facebook marketing, instagram marketing, twitter marketing. Linkedin marketing, youtube marketing, Quora marketing, snapchat marketing, Pinterest marketing.

Digital marketing corporate trainer and consultant in bhopal work is to Discover the new opportunities for the corporate to draw in with existing clients and pull in new ones.

Execute an assessment of current promoting, for example, internet based life, SEM, PPC, Content Marketing Strategy, Paid Marketing , Branding & Reputation management, Youtube & Video Marketing, Influencer marketing,  Mobile Marketing (App store optimization), SEO, and email advertising, for example, and utilize that to make increasingly successful showcasing techniques.

Expand organization marketing so it resounds enhanced with clients and forthcoming clients.

Organize stages for content, for example, a website page and posts with the help of search engine optimization to sure about all website content is approachable with search engine and get the good position In google first pages and other like duckduckgo, bing, yahoo

Why Digital marketing is important for everyone ?

1. why digital marketing is important for housewives

2. Why digital marketing is important for businessmen

3. Why digital marketing is important for students

4. why digital marketing is important for working professional 

5. Why digital marketing is important for doctors



With over 6 years of experience in digital marketing,

I worked in creative digital marketing agency

organic and local SEO,

content marketing,

web design and development,

paid advertising,

email automation, and offered marketing

Graphic Designing For Business

Video Marketing

Professional Blogging

Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Optimization For Business

Online Advertising & Google Adwords

Email Marketing For Business

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

 Advanced Web Analytics

Conversion Rate Optimization

Growth Hacking

Social Media Strategy & Management

Online Media Buying

Selling Digital Marketing Services

Ecommerce & Marketplace Selling

digital marketing trainer in bhopal

16 Essential Skills a Digital Marketing corporate Trainers should have in India

1. Target clients and prospects identification by Digital Marketing corporate trainer
2. Content Marketing Strategy for your client
3. Make an online marketing strategy and Key Performance Indicator
4. Data Analysis
5. Blog and social media content Writing and Editing Skills
6. CRM Skills for leads management
7. Precise marketing channel expertise for social media marketing
8. The ability to think subjectively
9. Drip marketing campaigns executions and analysis skills
10. A mix of creativity and analytical abilities
11. Good copywriting and visual storytelling abilities for content
12. WordPress website design objectively
13. Self-promotion savvy
14. Basic design skills by photoshop and canva
15. Understand Design-Based Thinking & Planning
16. Conducting Research & Gathering Data

Digital marketing Corporate training

Course Outline:

Digital marketing communication course training in Bhopal

course background: Digital marketing communication is one of the most valuable marketing theories of the 20th century. However, in the 21st century, especially in the mobile Internet era, what will happen to Digital marketing communications (DMC)? How to use the new Digital Marketing Communication (DMC) theory to guide corporate marketing practices?

Benefits of the course:.
Understand what Digital marketing communications
Learn Digital marketing communications and brand strategy;.
Reveal three major models of Digital marketing communications
New trends in Digital marketing communications
. Grasp the theory and combine a large number of cases

Course Outline
Unit 1: Indroduction to Digital Marketing

Background and Characteristics of the Trend of DMC

Module 2: Content Strategy is King
DMC Strategy
DMC Implementation Method
DMC Implementation Case

Module III: Brand Integration
DMC and Brand Strategy
Operation Method of
Brand Strategy Specific Cases of Brand Strategy

Module 4: Web Analystics 
Analysis of Typical Cases of DMC in India

Module 5:
New Problems of DMC with DIgital Characteristics in India

Module 6: Three modes
Product-driven mode
Channel-driven mode
Customer-driven mode

Module 7: SIVA Theory
New Trends in DMC in the United States
Get Information
Realize Purchase (ACCESS)

Module 8: CCM (Creative Communication Management) Theory The spirit of
India’s alternative to
CCM theory of DMC
Creative Communication
Communication Management

Module 9: Discussion on
the possibility of DMC in the digital age

Lecturer profile: Amit tiwari
Amit Tiwari Digital Marketing Trainer is the first master and doctor of the advertising department of the School of Journalism and Communication of Delhi University. He has worked in India Mobile for 6 years, and has served as brand manager, global communications brand manager and vice president of the business department. Has extensive experience in the field of communications and the Internet. He has been responsible for the overall planning of India Mobile’s “dynamic zone” brand listing; the overall planning of the Global Connect VIP Club; and the promotion and operation support of mobile Weibo and mobile application malls. Visiting Lecturer, School of Journalism and Communication, Delhi University. “Northeast People are the living Lei Feng” The first creator of flash, WeChat self-media practitioner. 
Amit Tiwari’s Teaching Experience Marketer Academy School High-end President Training Course, Delhi NCR Technology and Business University High-End President Training Course, Delhi NCR University School of Journalism and Communication, Delhi NCR University President Course, India Mobile Group, 

Amit Tiwari’s teaching style
has unique research on the reform of corporate marketing communication in the mobile Internet era. 
The courses taught are lively and fluid, attractive, humorous and interactive.
Can fully integrate the actual situation of the enterprise, strong practicality and strong
Digital marketing communication course training courses

Course Outline:

“Seven Weapons” Training for Digital Marketing in India

  1. Introduction to the Course
    Digital marketing is in the ascendant in today’s marketing, and it has a strong momentum, and the trend is unabated. Many companies at home and abroad have taken digital marketing as an important part of their digital transformation. And I hope that through digital marketing methods, customers can be effectively converted with little cost.
    2. Course Objectives
    . This course is specifically aimed at all aspects of corporate digital marketing. It introduces the overall strategy, organizational arrangements, practical practices, and evolutionary strategies of digital marketing in a simple and comprehensive way.
    . This course provides students with a comprehensive and systematic digital marketing solution. Then master the thinking mode
    and learning method of modern marketing   .

Third, the course benefits
At the end of the course, students will be able to:.
Understand: from a high level to understand the position of digital marketing in marketing and the changing trend.
. Understanding: Through the study of the various modules of digital marketing, we fully understand the role and effect of each “weapon”, and more importantly, learn and understand the parts and related skills that can be integrated.
. Recognition: Through the understanding of “weapons”, combined with your company’s marketing business is the actual demand, recognize the development direction, long-term opportunities and challenges, and recent difficulties and breakthroughs. The result is effective strategies and tactics.
.Master: the basic theory of digital marketing, the function of each “weapon” and the “killing power”, so as to use * to play into the actual marketing scenario
. Action plan: a complete digital marketing plan

  1. Course time and object:.
    Course time is 2 days (12 hours)
    . Teaching object:marketing management team, digital marketing supervisor
    5. Training form Teaching plan lecture, case analysis, scenario exercise, management activity, role play, group discussion, etc.

Six Course Outline
Module 1: understanding of digital marketing – win in the digital
marketing history and trend figures.
Subversion and iteration – Marketing Officer of choice;.
Three characteristics determine the status;.
Do and can not do;.
What funnel. ;

Module 2: Create Smart Enterprise website
. Mysterious three “I”;
content is king.
Interface after;.
Infrastructure is the throne;.
Repeatedly ask themselves seven questions;.
To do its own website.

Module 3: Search engine black hole exploration
. Love him, hate him
. Three key factors
. Knowledge, hyphenation
. I have a date with reptiles
. Your business is yours
. Do n’t say there is no traffic
to the website . Search promotion account.

Module 4: Hero in the new media
. Do not be an ostrich, nor do giraffes;
ring pink sports fans in the economy;.
You do not understand 10w +;.
How to measure the effect of new media;.
Everyone is a great writer;.
New features, closer to you;
come, make your own public account.

Module 5: Everyone is e-sales
. Know the e- commerce you do n’t know
. What can be a hot sale
. How to understand your buyers
. Stand still and do n’t go
. Disappeared memories are very related
. Really fast;
come, make your own online shop.

Module 6: Assessment system – not black whistle
Biography impact assessment system.
Referee, is to have rules;.
How to ensure real data;.
Timely and effective data have value;.
The data to the attitude, you have it.
Artificial. Intelligence, big data, and evaluation;
come, make your own data system;

Module 7: Virtual World suitors
What is the consumer virtual portrait.
Photo programmatic buying;.
Data management, the Long March Long March.
Sweep seize the high ground;.
Ask yourself why the seven;.
. Here, do your own programmatic marketing