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digital marketing trainer in bhopal

Digital marketing Social media SEO SEM trainer and consultant in Ahmedabad

Amit Tiwari

Advanced online Marketing Trainer in Ahmedabad and built up accomplishment in creating imaginative, profoundly assessable computerized showcasing programs and guaranteeing pristine execution.

I have trained a lot of people online and offline, so different people such as students, business owners, job seekers and more than a thousand people related to them have been trained online or offline so far. For the last 3 years in every field of digital marketing , many projects have helped the business owners and trained many friends and got them jobs.

Senior Social Marketing Consultant- Amit Tiwari

Senior corporate social marketing consultant; today’s headline columnist, sales compass certified mentor; new media expert, former senior lecturer of Hindustan group Business, product and senior Beauty communication consultant. 

Amit has more than six years of practical experience in Internet marketing, and led the team to build e-commerce systems for many Fortune 500 companies and formulate social marketing communication strategies to achieve corporate transformation.

My expertise includes

1. Social media marketing trainer

2. Search engine optimization (SEO) trainer

3. Search engine marketing trainer

4. Affiliate marketing trainer

5. Mobile marketing trainer 

6. amazon trained e-commerce specialist trainer

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I provide digital marketing training with job guarantee in india 


Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to reach new audiences and communities of people. Course content includes – Digital Media Strategy • Digital Marketing Tips• Social Media Influencer Management, digital advertising, and content creation on a daily basis.


Google Ads PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is a form of advertising where the marketers only pay for each ad that gets clicked – through this advanced PPC course you`ll be master in web analytics, search engine marketing for campaigns that drive measurable ROI. & ad platforms.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of attracting organic (free) traffic from the search results in search engines. You want people who are typing keywords relevant to your business into the search engines to see your site right away. This course will provide advanced learning of Keyword research, on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, technical SEO, link building, search algorithm.


Email Marketing

The email marketing course will provide advanced knowledge of the techniques needed for effective email outreach, including responsive design, content management systems (CMS) , e-commerce development, what to look for in an effective email strategy, and how to use that information to your advantage.


Conversion Rate Optimization

We cover some advanced techniques such as segmentation, tracking down keywords with real-time analytics, optimizing your audience data for conversions, converting a large number, or even generating sales by just showing ads directly on consumers’ browsers.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing course will provide advance knowledge of new online ads and the use case for each type of ad. -Online advertising, especially on mobile is highly dynamic ideas regarding social media strategy, branding on mobile and building an incredible app and more.

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Work With Me – digital marketing trainer in Ahmedabad

For me digital marketing is life skill training and i provide with job guarantee where you can learn and earn after completed training from me. Online marketing trend increasing in india day by day since the growth of indian online marketing is changing rapidly and demand the internet marketer is huge so this is the turn the right way up again to get the oppurnity for the indian youth. i’m very enthusiastic Digital marketing trainer in Ahmedabad

How I Do It

• Website marketing and design

• Created Education product packages

• Drive targeted traffic over Email, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, PPC ads and Quality blog content

• Created and optimized sales funnels to increase conversions

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digital marketing trainer in bhopal

Digital marketing trainer and consultant in Ahmedabad

Digital marketing trainer and consultant in Ahmedabad work is to Discover the new opportunities for the corporate to draw in with existing clients and pull in new ones.

Execute an assessment of current promoting, for example, internet based life, SEM, PPC, Content Marketing Strategy, Paid Marketing , Branding & Reputation management, YouTube & Video Marketing, Influencer marketing,  Mobile Marketing (App store optimization), SEO, and email advertising, for example, and utilize that to make increasingly successful showcasing techniques.

Expand organization marketing so it resounds enhanced with clients and forthcoming clients.

Organize stages for content, for example, a website page and posts with the help of search engine optimization too sure about all website content is approachable with search engine and get the good position In google first pages and other like duckduckgo, Bing, yahoo

Why Digital marketing is important for everyone ?

  1. why digital marketing is important for housewives
  2. Why digital marketing is important for businessmen
  3. Why digital marketing is important for students
  4. why digital marketing is important for working professional 
  5. Why digital marketing is important for doctors

DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES and Consultancy in Ahmedabad with Amit tiwari digital marketing trainer in Ahmedabad

With over 6 years of experience in digital marketing,

I worked in creative digital marketing agency

organic and local SEO,

content marketing,

web design and development,

paid advertising,

email automation, and offered marketing

Graphic Designing For Business

Video Marketing

Professional Blogging

Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Optimization For Business

Online Advertising & Google Adwords

Email Marketing For Business

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

 Advanced Web Analytics

Conversion Rate Optimization

Growth Hacking

Social Media Strategy & Management

Online Media Buying

Selling Digital Marketing Services

Ecommerce & Marketplace Sell

digital marketing trainer in bhopal

16 Essential Skills a Digital Marketing Trainers should have in India- digital marketing trainer in Ahmedabad

1. Target clients and prospects identification by Digital Marketing trainer
2. Content Marketing Strategy for your client
3. Make an online marketing strategy and Key Performance Indicator
4. Data Analysis
5. Blog and social media content Writing and Editing Skills
6. CRM Skills for leads management
7. Precise marketing channel expertise for social media marketing
8. The ability to think subjectively
9. Drip marketing campaigns executions and analysis skills
10. A mix of creativity and analytical abilities
11. Good copywriting and visual storytelling abilities for content
12. WordPress website design objectively
13. Self-promotion savvy
14. Basic design skills by photoshop and canva
15. Understand Design-Based Thinking & Planning
16. Conducting Research & Gathering Data

Digital marketing training

Possible Jobs Profiles after Training from Amit Tiwari Digital marketing trainer in Ahmedabad

  1. Digital marketing executive
  2. Digital marketing consultant
  3. Digital marketing expert
  4. Digital marketing manager
  5. Digital marketing analyst
  6. Digital marketing head
  7. Social media marketing executive
  8. Social media marketing consultant
  9. Social media marketing expert
  10. Social media marketing manager
  11. Social media marketing trainer
  12. Social media marketing head
  13. Social media marketing analyst
  14. Search engine marketing expert
  15. Search engine marketing analyst
  16. Search engine marketing executive
  17. Search engine marketing manager
  18. Search engine marketing consultant
  19. Search engine marketing hard
  20. Search engine optimization head
  21. Search engine optimization manager
  22. Search engine optimization consultant
  23. Search engine optimization trainer
  24. Search engine optimization analyst
  25. Search engine optimization head
  26. Search engine optimization executive
  27. Search engine optimization specialist
  28. Affiliate marketing head
  29. Affiliate marketing executive
  30. Affiliate marketing head
  31. Affiliate marketing trainer
  32. Affiliate marketing analyst
  33. Affiliate marketing consultant

This year is the year of digital marketing efforts. The digital marketing department has made efforts to increase the number of vertical media platforms and versions, the establishment and distribution of online stores, effective lead management, and the operation and control of sales service providers. 

After surveys of some sales service providers, it was found that sales service providers lacked awareness, management and skills of digital marketing, and urgently needed manufacturers’ business guidance. To this end, the Digital Marketing Department has formulated a multi-dimensional training plan, starting with the sales team internally, increasing the importance of digital marketing, consolidating business skills, and laying a foundation for better guidance to sales service providers.

During the training course, Amit Tiwari Digital marketing trainer and consultant in Ahmedabad, the director of the Digital Marketing Department, first reviewed the assessment of the vertical platform and content release in January-February, and put forward the next steps to improve the common problems found in the field investigation and sales service providers, including Improve related skills, cooperate with the sales department and marketing department to carry out relevant key work in April, and implement the small flagship store opening and other plans. 

Senior teachers from five platforms have come from all over the country to give the sales team lessons to teach the sales team. 

The teachers gave detailed and vivid explanations from the development history, platform advantages, product change points, operating skills, case sharing, and recent key work announcements of their respective platforms.

The teacher’s lectures are targeted and easy to understand. The trainees asked questions to the teacher during the training process and had effective interaction with the teacher. 

Through this round of communication training, trainees not only can intuitively understand the product functions and operating priorities of each platform, but also deepen their understanding of online marketing.

The Digital Marketing Department will continue to coordinate multiple resources and arrange various digital marketing training exchange meetings with sales teams and sales service providers. 

It is believed that with the in-depth development of digital marketing, it can promote the win-win goal of increasing sales through online marketing by Amit Tiwari.

Digital Marketing Training (DMT) for conventions and exhibitions was held in Ahmedabad a few days ago.

This training meets the urgent needs of convention and exhibition companies for digital marketing theories and practices. Using digital thinking for exhibition organizations and enterprises Empowerment.

At present, with the rapid iteration of IT and Internet technologies, digital marketing has become a required course for modern enterprise marketing. Marketing is an important core job of convention and exhibition companies.

If convention and exhibition companies want to keep up with the times and win the “hard battle” of recruiting and professional audience invitations, they must embrace the development trend of new technologies and digital marketing and strengthen the theory and practice of digital marketing. Study, master digital marketing skills in depth, and make full use of digital marketing methods.

Digital marketing training in Ahmedabad by Amit tiwari for conventions and exhibitions is sponsored by Gepdec Convention and Exhibition Economic Research Association, Executive Vice President of India Convention and Exhibition Economic Research Association, stated in his speech at the opening ceremony: “Digital technology has brought challenges to traditional exhibitions, and also provided new opportunities and means for the exhibition industry. And master digital marketing to achieve upgrading and transformation. “

The lecturer team of this Digital Marketing Training is composed of the technical leaders of well-known domestic IT companies, corporate executives in the digital marketing field, and well-known convention and exhibition experts.

They are respectively engaged in brand building, Internet advertising, B2B business social media marketing, and artificial intelligence.

The topics of content ecological marketing, new technology and exhibition marketing, exhibition database marketing and other topics were taught

The trainees agreed that the DMT was “full of dry goods and a lot of gains” and that the course content was “very useful and inspiring”; almost all trainees stated that the training was in line with expectations, and even exceeded them. 

The training course systematically combed the overall ideas and links of digital marketing in Ahmedabad, and provided cutting-edge and practical conference marketing solutions.

As the founder of DMT, Amit Tiwari, Digital marketing expert of Hindustan group, said that the era of the future is the era of digitalization. Digital marketing will no longer be an option for marketing, but a necessary skill for corporate marketing. Judging from the current exhibition hosting situation, the proportion of online digital marketing in overall marketing activities has exceeded that of offline marketing, but most exhibition organizers have not mastered the core concepts and basic skills of digital marketing, so digital marketing is a lesson. Urgent need to make up.

It is understood that the degree of praise received by the students for this DMT exceeded the expectations of the organizers.

In order to meet the needs of colleagues in the industry, the next digital marketing training for the exhibition will be held in December this year. 

In order to improve the digital marketing ability of the sales team and strengthen the digital marketing operation management of the sales service providers, on April 2nd, the Digital Marketing Department invited e-commerce channels, car owners, car home, and easy car The teacher gave a full-day lecture in the company’s multimedia lecture hall, and carried out the “digital marketing business policy guidelines and cost analysis model. 

This is the first special training on digital marketing business skills this year, Where people learn social media marketing skills with our awarded social media marketing trainer in Ahmedabad. 

He explained all the trick and technique for Facebook marketing, instagram marketing, twitter marketing. Linkedin marketing, youtube marketing, Quora marketing, snapchat marketing, Pinterest marketing.

Digital marketing training course syllabus

  1. Course 1: Marketing Fundamentals

Welcome to Digital Marketing

Showcasing is a fundamental piece of your regular day to day existence. We will take you on an excursion through the advancing computerized promoting scene. This course will encourage the essentials to assist you with exploring and flourish right now quickly developing field.

  1. Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing Overview – What is content?
  • Content Creation, Distribution and Optimization
  • The Customer Journey & The Content Marketing Plan
  • The Business Case: Analytics and ROI

The Content Marketing Ecosystem

Strategic Context

Crafting a Content Marketing Strategy

Types of Content

Managing Your Content

  • Content Marketing Overview and Strategy
  • Content Marketing Channels
  • Writing Messages and Creating Content
  • Getting Your Message Into the Media
  • Content Strategy & Challenges
  • Improve the idea of “search”
  •    Doing content is just colluding
  •    6 ways to search
  •   Learning to tell stories
  •   Train your ability to tell stories
  •   Why everyone loves stories
  •   Story framework
  •   4, find the right sense
  •   The power of quality content
  •   Why everyone loves stories
  •    Be a Title Party
  •    What kind of content is engaging
  •   The importance of titles
  •   Case sharing
  •   The power of symbolic vocabulary
  •   Choose the right platform
  •   How to quickly increase the influence of content 
  • How to go from weak to strong

I. Marketing
[Course Module]: Marketing Strategy
[Training Object]: General Manager, Marketing Director, Sales Director
[Course Objectives] Insight into local marketing trends and directions; master
marketing planning and target market development strategies And methods;
accurate positioning of corporate marketing directions.
[Course duration]: 2 days
[course outline]
1. Marketing positioning and influence trends
1.1 Marketing trends based on big data
1.2 Factors affecting marketing trends

2. Macro environmental analysis (PEST)
2.1 Macro political environment analysis
2.2 Macro Economic and environmental analysis
2.3 Macro-social environment analysis
2.4 Macro-technical environment analysis

3. Micro-environment analysis (Porter Five Forces)
3.1 Supplier strategy
3.2 Competitor strategy
3.3 New entrant strategy
3.4 Potential substitute strategy
3.5 Consumer strategy

4. Marketing information Analysis strategy
4.1 registration information management
4.2 return visit information management
4.3 development information management

5. marketing planning strategy based on customer information
5.1 familiarity cognition
5.2 trust understanding
5.3 special value

6. application strategy based on marketing plan media
6.1 traditional media
6.2 event marketing
6.3 Mobile Internet Media

[Course Module]: Brand Marketing Planning
[Curriculum]: Marketing Director, Sales Director
[Course Duration]: 2 days
[Course Objectives] Insight into local marketing trends and directions; master
marketing planning and target market development strategies and methods;
accurately position corporate marketing directions, Effectively formulate
corporate marketing plans.
1. Marketing positioning and influence trends
1.1 Marketing trends based on big data
1.2 Factors affecting marketing trends
1.3 Macro environmental analysis (PEST)
1.4 Micro environmental analysis (Porter Five Forces)

2 Analysis of marketing information Strategy
2.1 Registration information management
2.2 Return visit information management
2.3 Development information management

3. Marketing planning strategy based on customer information
3.1 Familiarity and cognition
3.2 Trust and understanding
3.3 Special value

4. Traditional marketing planning
4.1 Application of traditional media marketing
4.2 Effective visits to stores
4.4 Effective Increased transaction rate

5. Event marketing planning
5.1 Promotional activities strategy
5.2 Exhibition marketing strategy
5.3 Storefront activity strategy

6. Marketing planning in the mobile Internet era
6.1 Search engine
6.2 Weibo Whatsapp
6.3 vertical website

[course module]: Internet marketing planning / mobile micro marketing Planning
[course object]: general manager, network marketing director, marketing
director, sales director
[course duration]: 2 days
[Course Objectives]: Familiar with the methods and strategies of traditional
enterprise network marketing, mobile internet marketing, and micro-marketing in
the context of the big data era.
[Course outline]
1. Market trends in the Internet age
1.1 Marketing trends based on big data
1.2 Impact of marketing in the era of big data Factors of the trend
1.3 Methods for studying marketing trends in the era of big data

2. Online marketing business management
2.1 Basic business management
2.2 KPI management of online marketing
2.3 Three elements of sales leads
2.4 Analysis of marketing lead efficiency
2.5 Customer portrait competition analysis

3. Customer channel refinement Statistics
3.1 Registration information management
3.2 Return visit information management
3.3 Development information management

4. Marketing planning strategy based on customer information
4.1 Familiarity and cognition
4.2 Trust and understanding
4.3 Special value

5. PC media engine operation
5.1 Search engine SEM operation
5.2 Search engine SEO operation
5.3 Google knows operation
5.4 Google encyclopedia operation
5.5 Google library operation
5.6 Google video operation
5.7 Google map operation
5.8 vertical website operation
5.9 forum operation

6. Mobile terminal media operation
6.1 Whatsapp public account operation
6.2 Whatsapp friend circle operation
6.3 Whatsapp group operation
6,4 Micro Store Operation
6.5 Twitter operation
6.6 Facebook operation

[course module]: exhibition marketing planning
[course object]: marketing director, sales director
[course duration]: 2 days
[course goal]: master effective conference marketing, exhibition marketing,
promotion event organization planning method. (Note: This module only
includes event planning methods, suitable for event planning and management
staff. It does not include conference marketing on-site sales skills. For
conference marketing on-site sales skills for front-line personnel, refer to
the Wang Zilu teacher exhibition sales course module)
[Course Outline]
Exhibition marketing articles:
1. Characteristics
of exhibition marketing 2. Classification
of exhibition marketing 3. Role
of exhibition marketing 4. Establishment of exhibition marketing sales goals
5. Understanding of competing brands
6. Establishment of exhibition marketing themes
7. Exhibition marketing customers Sources and analysis
8. Selection and optimization of media
9. Process and method of collecting customers
10. Internal incentives
before exhibition marketing 11. Performance policies before exhibition marketing
12. How to effectively gather on-site popularity
13. How to collect prospective customer leads
14. How to make customers order quickly
15. Effective training before exhibition marketing
16. Sales preparation before exhibition marketing
17. Customer invitation before exhibition marketing

 1 The first module: e-commerce marketing strategy

n 3 battlefields of e-commerce strategic thinking

n 3 major e-commerce mode choices

n Two methods of e-commerce strategic layout

n 7 contents of e-commerce business planning

1 The second module: e-commerce channel portfolio

n 4 types of e-commerce channels

n 7 network channels commonly used by e-commerce

8 key points of O2O layout

n Layout around consumer decision trajectory

1 The third module: opening an online shop

n 5 steps to open an online store

8 jobs that make your store stand out

n 5 nuclear weapons promoted in online stores

n 5 steps to expand your online store

fourth module: electricity supplier operations

n Store operation system diagram

n 4 categories and 8 management contents of e-commerce operation and maintenance

n 3-stage service makes operations easier

n 7 indicators of e-commerce marketing performance evaluation

The fifth module: electricity supplier performance improvement

n 3 dimensions to improve e-commerce sales performance

n 9 ways to increase online shop traffic

6 steps to attract new customers

n 4 steps to stimulate customer interest

11 ways to improve the conversion rate in 4 categories

sixth module: User management

n 3 disciplines of user operation 8 notes

n Membership operation architecture design

n Get the customer’s lifetime value

n 6 jobs to increase customer stickiness

n 4 Ways to Increase Sales of Old Customers

Seventh module: electric business promotion, do not waste a bullet

n AISAS model of network consumption behavior

n Internet communication methodology

n 9 types of communication tools integrated with network-wide marketing

n 8 online promotion methods commonly used by e-commerce

n 10 promotion methods commonly used by e-commerce

eighth module: the electricity business marketing arsenal

n Community business model and social communication platform

5 Ways to Inspire Customers to Share Word of Mouth

n 5 Keys to Corporate Website Marketing

n 10 Tips for Weibo Marketing

n 4 operation methods of WeChat circle of friends

n 4 nuclear weapons that make WeChat group powerful

Course Outline:

Lecture 1: Features and advantages of social media and self-media platforms

1. The revival of Twitter and its commercial value

2. Features and business value of Whatsapp

3. LinkedIn’s characteristics and business value

4. Know your audience and business value

5. Features and Business Value of Today’s Headlines

6. Characteristics and commercial value of Douban

7. Google Baijia’s Characteristics and Commercial Value


Lecture 2: Social media and self-media content are king

I. The characteristics of modern consumers make word-of-mouth communication necessarily an important means of marketing

1. The lifestyle of modern consumers reduces the efficiency of hard-broadcasting, and word-of-mouth communication makes consumers the most acceptable.

2. Word of Mouth Transmission Achieves Viral Transmission, Without Large Investment Expenses

3. Word-of-mouth communication is most effective with stories as the carrier

4. Powerful search engine marketing effects

Second, the audience analysis of word-of-mouth communication

1. Make a word-of-mouth communication creative plan according to the marketing tool-“Consumer Buying Roadmap”

1) Consumer product category research stage

2) Consumer brand comparison stage

3) Consumers are determined to buy

4) Consumer purchase and use phase

2. Make word-of-mouth communication creation plans according to the type of consumer

1) Innovator’s

2) opinion leaders

3) Early fit

4) Late adaptor’s

5) The latter


Session 3: Writing Soft Articles

First, the five-act structure common to soft text

1. Story Background Exposition

2. Rising Action

3. Climax

4. Falling Action

5. Good ending Denouement


Breaking down the 5-act structure in classics


Write a moving story for yourself with a 5-act structure

Second, other steps from plain content to touching soft text

Picture sense

2. Stunning data for consumers

Third, the creative perspective of soft text

1. The five most touching soft-text themes

2. Five most memorable brand story themes

Fourth, give soft articles easy to spread emotions

1. 5 most easily spread emotions in word of mouth

2. The 2 most difficult emotions to spread in word of mouth


Session 4: Social Media and Opinion Leaders

I. Advantages of Opinion Leader Marketing

Case Studies:

How well-known clothing brands make good use of opinion leaders to create sales miracles

1. The monetary advantages of opinion leader marketing and advertising

2. High conversion rate of opinion leader marketing

3. The appeal of opinion leaders on Twitter, Whatsapp, and Facebook

How to make opinion leader marketing work for brands

1. Principles for selecting opinion leaders

2. Types of opinion leaders

3. How to find an opinion leader that matches your brand

Practical exercises:

Find the opinion leaders you need on Twitter

4. High value of narrow opinion leaders

How to work with opinion leaders


What brand leaders care most about in brand cooperation

1. Opinion leaders crack down on fake ID leaders who have no fans

2. The most important job of opinion leaders: content creation

3. New work for opinion leaders: live and short video shooting


Session 5: Social Media Gives Full Play to Brand Communities

First, the low cost and high yield of the brand community

Case Studies:

How Harley-Davidson is brought back to life through the brand community

1. Make the brand community a low-cost, high-yield channel

1) Increase loyalty and allow existing users to repeat purchases

2) Reduce market expenses (no need to communicate information to them in the purchase channel)

3) Get direct feedback from users to innovate and improve

4) Reduce the cost of customer service

Social media becomes the best place for brand community operations

1. Whatsapp brand community function

2. Twitter’s revival and brand community function

3. Functions of the LinkedIn Brand Community

3. The 4C rule for brand communities and public accounts to attract powder (Content costumer campaign conflict)

1. Content: Content operation of the brand community

Case Studies:

Kraft’s Brand Community

1) Content that best retains users in the community

2. Campaign: Brand community activities

Case Studies:

Wal-Mart uses 10 moms to make a huge impact

1) Inviting members from internet celebrities and experts

2) The most powerful special sale for members

3. User (costumer): user interaction in the brand community

Case Studies:


1) How to interact effectively with the community

2) Special care must be taken to deal with criticism and negative voices

4. Conflict: properly handle interpersonal conflicts in the community

1) Principles of conflict management

Case Studies:

A celebrity uses conflict to raise awareness

01-SEO Course Outline

02-SEO Overview and Search Engine 1

03-Search Engine Market Share 2 and How It Works

04-Search Engine Inclusion and Marketing Strategy

05-SEO query tool and webmaster platform 1

06-Webmaster Platform 2

07-How does the new site increase the volume and weight of
the website?

08- Course review and siteapp site demonstration

09-Keyword Definition and Classification

10-Keyword Selection Mining and Use of Keyword …

11-Domain Hosting Program and seo

12-Web Template Navigation Design Tips and Optimization 1

13-Web Template Navigation Design Tips and Optimization 2

14-title description keywords tag optimization techniques1 …

15-title description keywords tag optimization techniques 2

16-Dream dream CMS demo
title description

Search Engine Optimization SEO

 Chapter 1. Search
Engine Optimization (SEO) Concepts

Traffic is the customer, why do you want to do SEO, because
75% of search users will not turn to the second page, and 95% of users start to
search and learn from search engines. Only the top ranked results have the
opportunity to be displayed and clicked. The purpose of SEO is to improve our
natural ranking in search engines and get more clicks and views.


Course Section

SEO Course Preface


3 minutes

1. The correct concept of search engine seo


16 minutes

 Chapter II The Role
and Nature of Search Engines

To do search engine optimization, that is, SEO, we must
first understand the search engine. This chapter explains the role and nature
of the search engine and reveals the difference between platform thinking and
search marketing thinking.


Course Section

2. The three functions and nature of search engines


12 minutes

 Chapter 3 How Search
Engines Work

Often, someone throws tens of thousands of dollars on their
own website every year, but finds that it has little effect on SEO. What is the
reason? Search engine optimization is trying to improve the natural ranking of
our website in the search engine, which is to improve the fit of the website
and the search engine ranking mechanism. Therefore, every operation of search
engine optimization (SEO) will be related to the workflow of the search engine
There is an inevitable connection. Researching SEO is actually the reverse
reasoning of search engine workflow. Only by clearly understanding the link
between each link of search engine work and our website ranking can we better
understand the role and effect of each optimization operation.


Course Section

3.1 How Google Search Engine Works-Crawl


11 minutes

3.2 Google search engine works-index


10 minutes

3.3 How Google Search Engine Works-Ranking


19 minutes

3.4 How Spiders Work


16 minutes

3.5 Google Algorithm Logic


26 minutes

 Chapter IV Outer

“Content is king, and external links are king” How
does the external link work and function? How can we use it? This chapter takes
everyone away from the mist to understand the true nature of the external


Course Section

4.1 The concept of external chain and the calculation method
of pr value


16 minutes

4.2 Foundations and principles for establishing external


19 minutes

 Chapter Five: Getting
to Know TDK

TDK is: Title, Description, and keyword. This chapter
explains how to write the three major sections of Title, Description, and
keyword one by one for more display. It also details the H1 tags that cannot be
ignored. What are H1 tags? How to create it? How to write it well?


Course Section

5.1 How to make a seo friendly title tag


12 minutes

5.2 How to write a good description tag


15 minutes

5.3 The importance and principles of creating h1 tags


18 minutes

 Chapter 6 Keywords

What are the keywords? It is the cornerstone of all search
and the basis of all traffic sources. Share several practical and powerful
keyword tools to help you find keywords and verify the popularity. And tell
everyone how to correctly distinguish between B-side keywords and C-side
keywords, and how to build your own keyword analysis table.


Course Section

6. Disruptive thinking distinguishes b-term and c-term


25 minutes

 Chapter 7 Google
Advanced Search Tips

Note that all search characters can be used in association,
this is the top priority of advanced skills! Abandon the rules and try various
free combinations according to your own ideas. This chapter introduces 19
Google search techniques, but you can learn more than 19.


Course Section

7. Nineteen Google Advanced Search Tips


16 minutes

 Chapter 8 How to do a
landing page

The landing page, the first page where customers reach our
website, is not to provide customers with a channel to other content, but to
directly convert visitors into sales opportunities. How to design a perfect LP
with transformative power? In this chapter, I will talk about the design of 11
aspects of LP, including title and advertisement title, content, prominent CTA
buttons, Space, Link, main picture and video, Thank you page, and so on.


Course Section

8.1 How to Design a Perfect Landing Page


28 minutes

8.2 Excellent Landing Page Case Study


7 minutes

 Several major updates
over the years

We all know that SEO has white hat, gray hat and black hat.
Why should we stick to white hat? Analyze several major updates of Google over
the years to understand how Google has blocked gray hat and black hat gameplay,
let us know more about where we are doing SEO.

Course Outline:

“Seven Weapons” Training for Digital Marketing in pune

  1. Introduction to the Course
    Digital marketing is in the ascendant in today’s marketing, and it has a strong momentum, and the trend is unabated. Many companies at home and abroad have taken digital marketing as an important part of their digital transformation. And I hope that through digital marketing methods, customers can be effectively converted with little cost.
    2. Course Objectives
    . This course is specifically aimed at all aspects of corporate digital marketing. It introduces the overall strategy, organizational arrangements, practical practices, and evolutionary strategies of digital marketing in a simple and comprehensive way.
    . This course provides students with a comprehensive and systematic digital marketing solution. Then master the thinking mode
    and learning method of modern marketing   .

Third, the course benefits
At the end of the course, students will be able to:.
Understand: from a high level to understand the position of digital marketing in marketing and the changing trend.
. Understanding: Through the study of the various modules of digital marketing, we fully understand the role and effect of each “weapon”, and more importantly, learn and understand the parts and related skills that can be integrated.
. Recognition: Through the understanding of “weapons”, combined with your company’s marketing business is the actual demand, recognize the development direction, long-term opportunities and challenges, and recent difficulties and breakthroughs. The result is effective strategies and tactics.
.Master: the basic theory of digital marketing, the function of each “weapon” and the “killing power”, so as to use * to play into the actual marketing scenario
. Action plan: a complete digital marketing plan

  1. Course time and object:.
    Course time is 2 days (12 hours)
    . Teaching object:marketing management team, digital marketing supervisor
    5. Training form Teaching plan lecture, case analysis, scenario exercise, management activity, role play, group discussion, etc.

Six Course Outline
Module 1: understanding of digital marketing – win in the digital
marketing history and trend figures.
Subversion and iteration – Marketing Officer of choice;.
Three characteristics determine the status;.
Do and can not do;.
What funnel. ;

Module 2: Create Smart Enterprise website
. Mysterious three “I”;
content is king.
Interface after;.
Infrastructure is the throne;.
Repeatedly ask themselves seven questions;.
To do its own website.

Module 3: Search engine black hole exploration
. Love him, hate him
. Three key factors
. Knowledge, hyphenation
. I have a date with reptiles
. Your business is yours
. Do n’t say there is no traffic
to the website . Search promotion account.

Module 4: Hero in the new media
. Do not be an ostrich, nor do giraffes;
ring pink sports fans in the economy;.
You do not understand 10w +;.
How to measure the effect of new media;.
Everyone is a great writer;.
New features, closer to you;
come, make your own public account.

Module 5: Everyone is e-sales
. Know the e- commerce you do n’t know
. What can be a hot sale
. How to understand your buyers
. Stand still and do n’t go
. Disappeared memories are very related
. Really fast;
come, make your own online shop.

Module 6: Assessment system – not black whistle
Biography impact assessment system.
Referee, is to have rules;.
How to ensure real data;.
Timely and effective data have value;.
The data to the attitude, you have it.
Artificial. Intelligence, big data, and evaluation;
come, make your own data system;

Module 7: Virtual World suitors
What is the consumer virtual portrait.
Photo programmatic buying;.
Data management, the Long March Long March.
Sweep seize the high ground;.
Ask yourself why the seven;.
. Here, do your own programmatic marketing

Amit Tiwari

Advanced Digital Marketing Trainer, senior corporate social media marketing consultant, and former senior lecturer of Hindustan Group. He has more than six years of experience in the Digital Industry.

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