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I’m passionate Digital marketing trainer in Jabalpur for building a brand with a wide range of internet presence. I like to figure out what makes the customer engagement and what makes them tick and advocate for a brand.

Advanced online Marketing Trainer in bhopal madhya pradesh and built up accomplishment in creating imaginative, profoundly assessable computerized showcasing programs and guaranteeing pristine execution.

I have trained a lot of people online and offline, so different people such as students, business owners, job seekers and more than a thousand people related to them have been trained online or offline so far. For the last 3 years in every field of digital marketing , many projects have helped the business owners and trained many friends and got them jobs.

Senior Digital Marketing trainer and Consultant in jabalpur- Amit Tiwari

Senior corporate social marketing consultant; today’s headline columnist, sales compass certified mentor; new media expert, former senior lecturer of Hindustan group Business, product and senior Beauty communication consultant. 

Amit has more than six years of practical experience in Internet marketing, and led the team to build e-commerce systems for many Fortune 500 companies and formulate social marketing communication strategies to achieve corporate transformation.

My expertise includes

1. Social media marketing trainer

2. Search engine optimization (SEO) trainer

3. Search engine marketing trainer

4. Affiliate marketing trainer

5. Mobile marketing trainer 

6. amazon trained e-commerce specialist trainer

7. Advanced Web Analytics Trainer

8. Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Trainer

9. Advanced Content Marketing trainer

10. Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization trainer

11. On page SEO trainer

12. Off page SEO trainer

13. Local SEO trainer

14. Mobile SEO trainer

15. Links and link building trainer

16. Google search ads trainer

17. Google display trainer

18. Google shopping ads trainer

19. Google video ads trainer

20. Google analytics trainer

21. B2B online marketing trainer

22. Web marketing trainer

23. Internet marketing trainer

Digital Marketing training Courses for professional worker and Entrepreneur.

Creating new techniques that are useful and developing marketing strategies that could increase leads. I believe in utilizing and demonstrating the value of social media platform.

I provide the complete digital marketing training for students and coprates in jabalpur madhya pradesh to achieve the goal for a business which is not easily available online and wants to promote their products and services digitally in India .

Introduction of Internet Marketing Course by Amit tiwari Digital marketing trainer in Jabalpur

Focus on online marketing curriculum development and teaching for 4 years every year to train outstanding Internet Marketing Course trainer in jabalpur for the community

  • High starting point elite class interview.
  • Full-time lecturer’s personalized guidance and full face-to-face instruction.
  • Teaching in stages and levels to ensure learning results.
  • Experience the complete development cycle of the project first hand and accumulate project development experience.

Enterprise website construction• Basic HTML tags • DIV box model • CSS actual combat • CMS system • CMS template tag call • CMS tag call advanced

SEO marketing specialty• Internet marketing prospect analysis • Dreamweaver website building quick skills Production and update strategy • Key words for big data thinking analysis • TDK optimization techniques of breeze algorithm.

SEM bidding major• SEM basics and promotion principles • Search promotion hierarchy structure and function • Keyword classification and planning • Keyword matching methods and negative settings • Planning, unit building principles • Creative writing skills and other technologies

Since engaging in the Internet in 2002, there have been no less than a hundred website building programs, almost a thousand accounts on the website platform, at least a thousand software tested, and the computer system being redone and restored almost every month.

In the beginning of 2008, I did network marketing training at the Ghaziabad Marketer Academy Institute, and developed the textbook “Network Integrated Marketing Practice” which teaches 20 types of network integrated marketing practice, divided into more than ten types, and roughly divided into three types.

Digital marketing trainer in Jabalpur

Ten types. The author’s research direction has also experienced from less to more, then from more to more specialized and refined processes, and also optimistic about the following ten directions from the actual combat of himself and a large number of students.

How Digital marketing trainer help to grow you business

1. Station building procedure

In the end, it was decided that WordPress was the main one. It is the world’s largest CMS system. It is very useful for personal blogs and corporate or product sites for individuals and small and medium enterprises. The online templates and plugins are extremely rich.


The optimization of the website itself mainly depends on the content and its external links, mainly focusing on the writing of soft articles and the promotion of external links.


Google is the entry point for promotion. Especially for commercial products, it is still necessary to bid on Google. After Google bids exit India, there is very little traffic, mainly for its network alliance.


It has been almost five years since I started using Twitter in 2007, and I have always emphasized that Weibo is one of the most influential Internet platforms in India since the birth of the Internet.


Although blogs are not particularly hot after Weibo is heated up, and some blogs are also combined with light blogs, blogging is still the best platform for people to promote companies or products or services for a long time. After all, not all content can be said in 140 words. Clear.

6, QQ

QQ is the largest user platform in the country. Around it there are a series of products and the newly launched Hike. It is the preferred platform for marketing instant messaging tools. The effect of promoting it to users is very good.

7.Email marketing

The best platform for affiliate marketing, I researched email marketing slightly for five or six years. According to related surveys, online shopping malls have taken orders through edm. The cost-effectiveness is the highest. Of course, it is permission-based affiliate marketing, not spam. The author Yang Tao It is a mode between permitting and mass spam research based on domestic status.

8.E-book marketing

With the development of the mobile Internet, this will become even more popular. The “Original Collection of Online Promotion” and “The Art of Sun Marketing of the Internet Marketing” that have been written have spread hundreds of thousands on the Internet. Yes, everyone who is interested can download it.

9.Video marketing

Nowadays, young people watch fewer and fewer people. Sooner or later, video websites will surpass TV to become the largest media and advertising platform. This is a big direction. Especially young people are particularly fond of watching videos. The content of plain text Not paying attention.

Possible Job Profiles after Training from Amit Tiwari Digital marketing trainer in jabalpur

  1. Digital marketing executive
  2. Digital marketing consultant
  3. Digital marketing expert
  4. Digital marketing manager
  5. Digital marketing analyst
  6. Digital marketing head
  7. Social media marketing executive
  8. Social media marketing consultant
  9. Social media marketing expert
  10. Social media marketing manager
  11. Social media marketing trainer
  12. Social media marketing head
  13. Social media marketing analyst
  14. Search engine marketing expert
  15. Search engine marketing analyst
  16. Search engine marketing executive
  17. Search engine marketing manager
  18. Search engine marketing consultant
  19. Search engine marketing hard
  20. Search engine optimization head
  21. Search engine optimization manager
  22. Search engine optimization consultant
  23. Search engine optimization trainer
  24. Search engine optimization analyst
  25. Search engine optimization head
  26. Search engine optimization executive
  27. Search engine optimization specialist
  28. Affiliate marketing head
  29. Affiliate marketing executive
  30. Affiliate marketing head
  31. Affiliate marketing trainer
  32. Affiliate marketing analyst
  33. Affiliate marketing consultant