Google ads ppc course in Indore 2023

1. Google ads course syllabus

.What is Google ads?

2.How does it work?

3.Why is goggle ads important for business?

4.What is the concept of goggle ads?

5.How do I write goggle ads words.

1. Target Audience: Determine who your target audience is and develop campaigns that speak to their interests, characteristics, and actions. 

2. Keyword Research: To find the most pertinent and popular keywords to use in your ad copy, conduct in-depth keyword research. 

3. Ad Copy: Create enticing ad copy that highlights your target keywords and concisely explains the advantages of your good or service. 

4. Landing Page: Assure that your landing page is user-friendly, has a clear call-to-action, and is optimised for conversion. 

5. Ad Budget: To ensure that your PPC campaign has a strong return on investment (ROI), set a realistic budget and track your expenditure frequently. 

6. Ad Placement: Pick the most efficient ad locations, such as display networks, social media platforms, and search engine results pages (SERPs). 

7. Ad testing: To enhance the effectiveness of your ads, continuously test and adjust your ad wording, targeting, and landing sites. 

8. Conversion monitoring: Use conversion monitoring to evaluate the performance of your efforts and come to informed conclusions about potential improvements. 

9. Ad Optimisation: To increase your ROI and accomplish your objectives, regularly review the data on your ad performance and make changes to your campaigns. 

10. Competitor analysis: Keep an eye on your rivals’ marketing tactics and modify your own as necessary to be competitive. 

6.What he account limit in Google ads?

Ad Formats and Guidelines 

  • What is ad format
  • Types of ad format
  • Responsive display ad format
  • Ad Format examples 
  • URL Options 
  • Final URL 
  • Formation of ad 
  • Create the Ad copy 
  • Component of effective ads
  • Mobile URL Option
  • Positive and negative ads examples
  • Ads formats Guidelines 
  • Patent & brand guidelines


  1. Google search ads certification

In these Google search ads, you will be able to make and run a successful ads campaign on SERP and its advertising networks.

  1. Google Display Ads Certification

In these Google display ads, you will be able to make and run a successful visually engaging ads campaign on google display networks.

  1. Google Ads – Measurement Certificate

In this Google display ads, you will be able to make and run a successful ads campaign by Translating your marketing objectives into measurable actions.

  1. Google Video Ads Certification

In these Google video ads, you will be able to make and run a successful ads campaign of “in-feed video ads” across video partner ads. It is one of the most efficient forms of advertisement.

  1. Google Shopping Ads Certification

In these Google shopping ads, you can make a shopping campaign in Google ads that contain product information and run a successful ads campaign that increases your product sale. 

  1. Google Apps Ads Certification

In these Google app ads, you will be able to make and run a successful ads campaign to increase your app by encouraging them through ads download.

  1. Google Creative Ads Certification

These types of google creative ads help you to  

Google ads course FAQ

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